Clinica Mobile Lazu endorsement

We are very proud of our connection with the Clinica Mobile and there connection to the Motogp and WSBK.

Dr.Michele Zasa (Medical Director for the Clinica) has shown his trust and belief in our Lazu formula by writing a formal endorsement.

“Studies on athletes have shown that a bovine colostrum supplementation can reduce exercise induced muscle damage; also, it can reduce intestinal permeability during peak training, therefore helping to maintain intestinal homeostasis.
Manuka honey has long been known for its therapeutic properties. It is a bacterial growth inhibitor, a tissue generator thanks to its immunomodulatory properties, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Given all these properties, in Clinica Mobile we recommend a diet supplementation

with Lazu Formula. In fact, associated to a correct and balance diet, the Lazu Formula is a healthy product which helps to maintain good health”

View the full endorsement – click here

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