Our Goal

Lazu is a homegrown New Zealand brand from Healthy Start NZ. We represent health, vitality and life. We promote this through our Lazu Manuka Health Supplements

At Lazu we want you to keep active and do the things in life that matter, whatever your age. Whether that’s playing with your children or grandchildren, gardening or travelling the world, we want you to feel fantastic.

We’re passionate about producing unique, natural, safe and nutritious Manuka health supplements so you feel your best inside and out. 

Our Manuka Health Supplements Products

All of our products are made with New Zealand Manuka honey. This has well-researched benefits for improving gut health and reducing the symptoms of IBS. It’s also great for enhancing your immune system and helping with allergies.

Our signature products are the Lazu Manuka and Colostrum Health and Wellness Formula and the Manuka Infused Coffee.