Lorenzo Dalla Porta (Moto3 World Champion – 2019) uses Lazu Formula!!

(endorsed and supplied by the Clinica Mobile.)

Congratulations from all at Lazu

Lazu has partnered with the Clinica Mobile for the 2019 Motogp and WSB championships

Beatriz with Lorenzo Dalla Porta

World Motorbike Championships (MotoGP & WSBK) Medical Division

See below the Endorsement from Dr. Zasa (Director) of the benefits of Lazu.

“The Lazu Formula is a supplement designed both for common people and for sport professionals, providing a source of several minerals and vitamins. Most interestingly, the product provides a source of colostrum and Manuka honey. Colostrum it’s a safe, biological compound rich in antimicrobial peptides, immuneregulating compounds and growth factors. It is known to strengthen the natural defence system, to modulate the immune response, to balance the intestinal microbiota and to enhance the growth and repair of several tissues. Supplementations with colostrum have been proven as beneficial in gastrointestinal disorders. Studies on athletes have shown that a bovine colostrum supplementation can reduce exercise induced muscle damage; also, it can reduce intestinal permeability during peak training, therefore helping to maintain intestinal homeostasis. Manuka honey has long been known for its therapeutic properties. It is a bacterial growth inhibitor, a tissue generator thanks to its immunomodulatory properties, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Given all these properties, in Clinica Mobile we recommend a diet supplementation with Lazu Formula. In fact, associated to a correct and balance diet, the Lazu Formula is a healthy product which helps to maintain good health”

Michele Zasa
Medical Director

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Our Lazu Product Guarantee

New zealand made

Lazu Manuka honey health supplements proudly made in New Zealand

Natural & safe

Lazu health supplements are made from natural ingredients including Manuka honey to boost health

Premium ingredients

Lazu Manuka Honey products - made from quality ingredients to boost health

Supercharge your life from the inside out with our Lazu  Wellness & Health Formula!

Our Lazu Manuka Honey and Colostrum powder is the first product in the world to combine the benefits from New Zealand Manuka honey and colostrum. Fortified with scientifically chosen vitamins and minerals specifically aimed at maximising body performance, this tasty and nutritious health drink can help improve gut health. 


Don’t settle for anything less than a vibrant life. Boost your energy, health & vitality and live life at the max with Lazu health formula!


Specific focus on supporting digestion, improving metabolism of micro nutrients, carbohydrates and fatty acids.


Enjoy our premium Lazu formula which promotes optimum health and vitality and contributes towards a normal immune system function

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Lazu’s Mānuka infused liquid coffee is your secret weapon

Mellowed by Mānuka honey, our ‘rocket fuel’ Lazu coffee is designed to give you that extra boost of energy when you most need it.

Whether you add it to your protein shake, mix up a classy cocktail, include it in a decadent dessert, or down it with water, this ‘nectar of the gods’ Manuka coffee will give you the edge and the advantage.

Boost energy with Manuka Coffee from Lazu

Don’t settle for anything less than a vibrant life. Boost your energy, health & vitality with Lazu coffee.

Lazu Manuka coffee, delicious hot or cold

Perfect hot or cold, a unique and delicious coffee with a hint of New Zealand Manuka honey.

Lazu Manuka coffee - perfect for cocktails

Ideal on it’s own or mixed in a cocktail, protein shake or dessert. A perfect present for coffee lovers.

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Happy Customers

All product reviews and testimonials are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of our customers and not those of Healthy Start (NZ) Ltd or its staff.

Sleepless nights and tired days have become a thing of the past, being an IBS sufferer you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m not a fan of taking regular prescription medication so was happy to find this natural alternative and with only one dosage per day. Immediate affects you notice is this spurge of constant energy through the body and mind you have during the day, and at night you sleep like a rock. I consider myself healthy and active but Lazu takes you to the next level. Very impressed and have recommended it too many others to try it out.


I really enjoyed the Manuka honey espresso coffee, such a great idea. I love that it’s as convenient as making an instant coffee, but has the yum taste and strength of a freshly expressed coffee. The thing I like best about this coffee is the added Manuka honey, I usually add sugar to my coffee but with this, I didn’t have to, and it’s a much healthier option and tastes delicious!


I’ve been using Lazu Health & Wellbeing for over a month now and have already noticed a real difference. It’s no gimmicky ‘overnight miracle formula’. It’s helped to boost my overall energy levels and keep my immune system at the top of its game. With the change in season I’m usually out of action with a cold or flu before long but no this year! It’s super easy to drink with half a glass of water or milk and only has a very subtle taste. It’s great to know that I’m starting the day off in the right way with Lazu.