Lazu Hits The USA Via Amazon

Our Lazu – Wellness & Health Formula continues it global distribution, now been available in the US via Amazon. Our partners Export – X have now created a certified listing on Amazon US. Our Trademark Lazu – Life at the Max! is also now approved and registered in the USA. Click here to view the […]

Lazu Arrives At MotoGP

We are proud to announce that our Lazu – Wellness & Health Formula has now arrived at MotoGp. Our partners, Dr Zasa and the Clinica Mobile (Medical division for World Motorbike Championships MotoGP/WSBK) are promoting the benefits of our product to the fastest motorbike racers in the world. See the Clinica Mobile Facebook post with […]

What is Bovine Colostrum

Bovine Colostrum (one of nature super foods) is one of the main active ingredients in our main product Lazu – Wellness & Health Formula. We use high quality grass fed bovine Colostrum which has 20% IgG (immunoglobulin). Here is an article on colostrum which explains what it is and you can see why we use […]