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A list of product reviews and case studies from Lazu product users.

Clinica Mobile Lazu endorsement

We are very proud of our connection with the Clinica Mobile and there connection to the Motogp and WSBK. Dr.Michele Zasa (Medical Director for the Clinica) has shown his trust and belief in our Lazu formula by writing a formal endorsement. “Studies on athletes have shown that a bovine colostrum supplementation can reduce exercise induced […]

Kingi Williams, Sydney Australia

Introducing my wife Mirika who suffered a life threatening stroke on the 18 Jan 2017. Several times in the first 72 hours we were told to expect her not to survive. She is currently suffering from a condition called Asphasia which severely affects her speech and cognitive skills. There has been slow progress over the […]

Colin, New zealand

I have been using Lazu Manuka Honey & Colostrum Wellness & Health Formula for just over a month, I have to say the benefits have been spectacular. I suffer with food & gluten allergies, stomach bloating and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms. I have had significantly less flare ups since using the product. In conjunction […]

Brad, New Zealand

“I’ve been using Lazu Health & Wellbeing for over a month now and have already noticed a real difference. It’s no gimmicky ‘overnight miracle formula’. It’s helped to boost my overall energy levels and keep my immune system at the top of its game. With the change in season I’m usually out of action with […]

Byron, New Zealand

Sleepless nights and tired days have become a thing of the past, being an IBS (Irritable bowel Syndrome) sufferer you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m not a fan of taking regular prescription medication so was happy to find this natural alternative and with only one dosage per day. Immediate affects you notice is […]

Chuang Sha Wan, Hong Kong

一年前,我開始有腸胃唔舒服,每天拉稀,身體虛弱,無精神,在香港和内地去醫院做了胃鏡、腸鏡檢查多次,都無發現問題。西藥,中藥喫了不少,雖然每天拉稀的次數減少了,但沒有根本好轉。朋友從紐西蘭寄給我一罐LAZU,讓我試一試。堅持每天早上喝,開始3天,拉稀次數還增加了,很疑心,朋友幫忙直接聯係新西蘭公司HEALTHY START (NZ) Ltd. 他們的建議是繼續飲用。我心裏好懷疑,但念麥盧卡蜂蜜和牛初乳都是天然的東西,唔是化學藥物,就堅持試一試吧。從第10天開始,大便就一天一次了,到兩周的時候,大便不稀了,有形狀了。一罐喫完以後,覺得精力、體力好好多。我已經停止了西藥,中藥,只服用LAZU麥盧卡蜂蜜牛初乳配方粉。恢復了健康,比什麽都開心。我已經又買了兩罐,繼續飲用。這次經歷太不一般。我也推薦給了我的朋友,希望所有跟我有一樣症状的人也試一試,我的親身體驗相信LAZU唔會叫你哋失望。 鄭吳艷佳 香港長沙灣 A year ago, I began to have problem with my stomach and gut, had loose bowels several times a day. I was very weak and no energy. I saw the doctors and went to the hospital in Hong Kong and the mainland of China, did many different test, […]